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Website Help Needed

We would like to make some updates to and need some help from a web designer with knowledge of WordPress in order to implement the updates.  If you have this knowledge (or know someone who does) and would like … Continue reading…

On Maintaining and Losing Our Humanity: A Latter-day Saint Manifesto

In the Book of Mormon, the prophet Lehi counseled his son Jacob that “men are that they might have joy” (2 Ne 2:25). In other words, men exist that they may have joy. Some 300 years later and around the globe in Greece, … Continue reading…

Consequences of a Refusal to Recognize Our Creator

heavenly father and jesus

Whether the bondage of sin correlates to, or causes, the bondage of statism is a subject of significant importance. How necessary, really, is a belief in God? Continue reading…

Libraries and the Use of Force

book shelf

Behind the funding for libraries with their lovely book collection, pleasant programming, and charming librarians is a heavily armed IRS agent. He’s not cute and cuddley, and he really doesn’t care that, for example, your daughter had a 10-day NICU stay, and both your sons had surgeries this year, and you really can’t afford to make your “contribution” to the library. Continue reading…

Selling Our Birthright For a Mess of Pottage

Jacob and Esau

Government legitimately exists to help protect our rights—not to pursue economic opportunities at the expense of our liberty and property. Let’s not repeat Esau’s mistake; there is still time to learn from the past so as not to repeat it.
Continue reading…

Liberty and Salvation


The war over agency, far from being decided in the past, rages today, with government being a primary front in the battle. The price of failure, whether failure to maintain and restore the institutions that safeguard our political freedom or failure in relation to our eternal salvation, is terrible. Continue reading…


Many are Called but Few are Chosen Sample

Podcast: Play in new window | Download This is the introduction through chapter 2 of Many are Called but Few are Chosen by H. Verlan Andersen read by LDS Liberty’s Tammy Broderick. This sample is released in conjunction with a … Continue reading…

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Howard W. Hunter on the Pure Love of Christ

“Those who are filled with the love of Christ do not seek to force others to do better; they inspire others to do better, indeed inspire them to the pursuit of God.  We need to extend the hand of friendship.  We need to be kinder, more gentle, more forgiving, and slower to anger.  We need to love one another with the pure love of Christ.  May this be our course and our desire.”

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