Unlicensed Travel is a Right

LDS Liberty interview Jacob Culliton of leoneslaw.org on the right to travel in a “motor vehicle” or in an “automobile” without a license from the state.

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2 Responses to Unlicensed Travel is a Right

  1. Jon says:

    Fascinating listen. If only I didn’t fear so much, then I would be free.

    So the question is. For those with family is this worth the effort? Probably, it seems like such a little amount of effort to accomplish much good.

  2. Joy says:

    I have an acquantance in New York State who has had neither license nor car registration for many years. He went to the NY State Law Library and found a letter from the attorney general, circa 1906, in reply to a question from a NY citizen. The letter stated that licensing and registration were necessary only for commercial purposes since the State did not have the right to interfere with personal travel. Mike has been in court several times (8, last time I talked to him) in both New York and New Jersey. He has never lost. He merely presents his case and the documentation, and the case is continued…and continued…and continued, until it is finally dismissed. I believe the State will not allow the cases to come to public view in front of a jury because the cat would then be out of the bag and mass rebellion (and subsequent loss of revenue) would result.

    Mike tells me he is rarely ticketed, and usually only by a newbie eager to exercise authority. When he is pulled over, they look him up in the database, come back to the car, and then say, “Have a nice day, you’re free to go.”

    That said, if one is going to challenge the legal system, you’d better have all your ducks in a row. There are many people behind bars who followed someone else’s advice without being well grounded in history and the law. The courts are noplace for the politically and legally naive.

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