Podcast: Many are Called but Few are Chosen Sample

This is the introduction through chapter 2 of Many are Called but Few are Chosen by H. Verlan Andersen read by LDS Liberty’s Tammy Broderick. This sample is released in conjunction with a special action item/offer to buy a pack of 10 CDs for $12.50 containing the whole audiobook and many other bonus tracks from Ezra Taft Benson, Hugh Nibley, Stephen Pratt and others. Having a friend listen to the CD will constitute an almost complete re-awakening if they haven’t considered these materials before. You have until February 7th 2013 to take advantage of this offer before the price reverts back to $5.00 per CD.

You may purchase at: http://www.ldsfreedombooks.com/a/featured/many-are-called-audio-10-pack/?ref=ldsliberty

Podcast: Gold for Financial Preparedness

JC interviews Rob and Stuart with Larsen Rare Coins and Bullion. We review emergency preparedness and how precious metals can be a part of our preparedness strategy. We also distinguish between bullion and numismatics and what a few advantages are of one over the other. They are holding an open house on Saturday the 17th of November 2012 at their location at 230 N. Orem Blvd from 9am to 6pm. Please mention LDS Liberty at purchase.

Read the LDS Liberty article from Stuart: “Family Financial Preparedness.”

Open House at:
Larsen Rare Coins and Bullion

When: This Saturday November 17 2012 9am – 6pm
Where:  230 N. Orem Blvd Orem, UT 84057 (In the Business Office Park)

Please mention LDS Liberty at purchase.

Podcast: The Recovering Romney Voter

Johnny Hardy – a firm believer that the only moral role of government is to protect rights, the federal government should be strictly restrained to the powers specifically delegated in the Constitution, and the US military should not be engaged in aggressive undeclared wars throughout the world – was seriously considering voting for Mitt Romney.  Johnny discusses why he first considered that Romney may be worthy of his vote and then discusses why he no longer feels this way.  He also discusses whether voting for a third party is a wasted vote.  The episode ends with Jeremy explaining who he is planning to vote for on election day.

Podcast: Unlicensed Travel is a Right

LDS Liberty interview Jacob Culliton of leoneslaw.org on the right to travel in a “motor vehicle” or in an “automobile” without a license from the state.

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Podcast: Shiloh Logan on the Title of Liberty

Shiloh Logan teaches LDS Liberty listeners about what Captain Moroni was really doing by raising the Title of Liberty. He also references a Hugh Nibley talk that could shed some light on why Captain Moroni used a rent coat as he spoke about their Nephites being a remenant of Joseph.


Podcast: The Revenge of Darth Ben

Darth Ben returns to LDS Liberty to make the case that Latter-day Saints should be rejoicing over the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare.  Darth Ben claims that since the Lord inspired the creation of the Constitution and Obamacare was implemented by following the mechanics of the Constitution, then Latter-day Saints should be eagerly supporting this legislation.  Listen to JC and Jeremy courageously defend the Republic from this onslaught of tyranny through the teaching of principles regarding the proper role of government.

Podcast: Intellectual Property Rebooted

JC and Jeremy revisit the topic from the previous IP debate. JC distinguishes the difference between physical property and the nature of true principles. Jeremy says that how words are used is important when discussing concepts. This episode was recorded using inferior equipment for both JC and Jeremy. Please take the time to get to know our new sponsor, infogenix.com. If you need SEO work, supporting infogenix will help LDS Liberty spread the message in an unprecedented way.

Podcast: Intellectual Property – Proper Government or Tyranny

JC debates Johnny Hardy – author of LDS Liberty article Our Right to Intellectual Property – about whether Intellectual Property falls under the proper role of government.  Johnny makes the case that IP can fall under the proper role of government based upon contract law.  JC makes the case that government protection of IP is the improper use of force as all inspiration comes from Heavenly Father.  Vote for who made a better case based upon eternal principles below.

Podcast: Honest Money with Tremain Petersen


Tremain Petersen, long-time fan of lds liberty and avid truth seeker teaches us about the moral and economic foundations of honest money. Tremain answers questions like: “How does real money arise in society?”, “How have scheming and wicked men used money as a means to rob all of us and cause us to rob from our neighbors?” and “What are the benefits of having honest money?”

You can read or listen to Tremain’s Article here. Right click and open a new tab/window or your podcast session on this page be interrupted.

Podcast: Why LDS Parents Should Homeschool

Dana Wood, a mother of 10 who has homeschooled since 1985, explains the many different reasons why Latter-day Saint parents should consider homeschooling their children. She addresses many different reasons such as public schools not being a safe environment, educational misinformation and God being taken out of public schools and thus public education.  Dana discusses how receiving false educational ideas at public schools can and does lead to a loss of testimony in later years.  Children who are taught from the perspective that all truth is one and comes from God will actually strengthen the testimony of our children.  She also talks about how we as parents are best suited to help our children develop their God-given talents and interests so they can magnify the individual missions that Heavenly Father has for them to do in this life. 

Dana also discusses the upcoming LDSHE conference and how it will benefit both new and seasoned homeschooling parents.

Podcast: Testimony – More Powerful than the Sword

JC and Shiloh Logan discuss the nature of testimony and how bearing down testimony by the spirit is the Lord’s answer for solving the world’s ills. The world, in fear, resorts to force, violence and bloodshed to control others. The Book of Mormon teaches us through the examples of the sons of Mosiah, Alma the younger, Enos and others, that the process to create a better world begins with one’s self through repentance. Once our personal salvation is worked out, the love we partake of causes us to not only seek the welfare of those around us, but also to secure the same, even for our enemies. When we can stand forth in love and declare the word with love, by bearing down testimony, we can be instruments in the hands of the Lord in making the world a better place. The word of God is more powerful than the sword.

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Podcast: The Warlike People Billboard

This episode of the LDS Liberty show is to help Latter-day Saints understand why we placed a billboard along I-15 that says: “Why did Spencer W. Kimball say: ‘We are a Warlike People’? Find out at WarlikePeople.com” We examine general and specific reasons why we should obey the Lord’s commandment in Doctrine and Covenants section 98:16: “(…) Renounce war and proclaim peace, and seek diligently to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to the children.”

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Podcast: Ezra Taft Benson – Our Divine Constitution

My beloved brethren and sisters, what a glorious blessing to be assembled in another great general conference of the Church. I ask for an interest in your faith and prayers as I speak to you about a subject that is very close to my heart and that affects the worldwide Church.

We have recently celebrated the bicentennial of the signing of the United States Constitution. That commemoration marked the beginning of a series of bicentennial anniversaries of events leading up to the ratification of the Constitution, implementation of the government it created, and the writing and ratification of the Bill of Rights. We look forward to the future commemoration of each of these important events during the next four years. It is as a result of these events that we are able to meet today in peace as members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ. For this we should all be eternally grateful.

I desire, therefore, to speak to you about our divine Constitution, which the Lord said “belongs to all mankind” (D&C 98:5; italics added) “and should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles” (D&C 101:77; italics added). Read More…

Podcast: Discovering Genius

Angela Baker – a homeschooling mother of seven – discusses how parents can both discover their own unique God-given talents and abilities and those of their children through exercising their stewardship in the education of their children.  She describes how parents can create an environment of education within their homes so children will be inspired to study and learn.  She also discusses ways for mothers to avoid “homeschool burnout” and how fathers can play an important role in the education of their children.


Podcast: LDS Liberty: The Warfare Trilogy

Under what circumstances should the people of the Lord go to war? How should it be waged? Why is it important to have righteous servants of Lord lead us in war, assuming it’s right to wage it?

In the very first year of LDS Liberty (year 1 L.D.L. for they did start to reckon time from the coming of LDS Liberty), JC and Jeremy in their zeal created a 3 part podcast series on warfare in light of the restored gospel. It’s got our old music and it’s just JC and Jeremy talking to eachother, but there are those out there who yearn for those old time LDS Liberty episodes that we used to do. Each player below plays a separate episode. The top one plays part 1 and the second one plays part 2 and so on. Enjoy :)

Podcast: North America is the Land of Promise

LDS Liberty interviews Rod meldrum, scientific researcher and founder of:

firmlds.com and


who makes his case that The Book of Mormon lands are actually in North America. LDS Liberty finds that this sheds further light on our responsability as Latter-day Saints to serve the Lord in this land of promise becuase the blessings of liberty are reserved for those upon this land who take upon themselves the name of Christ. This should be interesting for all who like to learn about Book of Mormon geography.

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Podcast: LDS For Mitt Romney or Ron Paul

Connor Boyack, author of “Latter-Day Liberty“, expounds upon the principles of the proper role of government based upon the teachings of the restored gospel.  He then discusses whether Mitt Romney advocates these principles and if having him elected as President will advance the work of the Lord.  Connor then discusses Ron Paul and addresses issues that may be stumbling blocks for LDS support of Ron Paul.

Podcast: Liberty Loving Mormons for Ron Paul!

Dustin Peterson, a Sr at BYU Idaho currently taking some time off from school to work for Ron Paul, discusses why liberty loving Latter-day Saints should support Dr. Paul for president.  Dustin expounds upon the fundamental principles Ron Paul will adhere to when making presidential decisions.  Jeremy and JC question Dustin on Paul’s stance on key issues including government health care, income taxes, abortion, immigration, undeclared wars, the American empire, the war on drugs, the Federal Reserve, Israel, and the gold standard.

Podcast: Liberty Loving Mormons for Romney?

Greg Peterson, a close personal friend of the Romney family, discusses why liberty loving Latter-day Saints should support Mitt Romney for president.  Greg expounds upon the fundamental principles Mitt  will adhere to when making presidential decisions.  Jeremy and JC question Greg on Mitt’s stance on key issues including government health care, income taxes, abortion, immigration, undeclared wars, the American empire, social security and the Federal Reserve.

Podcast: Wars and Rumors of War

Steve discusses with Jeremy the proper principles of warfare and foreign policy based upon the truths found in the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the gospel.  Steve asks Jeremy difficult questions in seeking to better understand and apply these principles to the world in which we live today.   Issues such as isolationism, what should be done for those who live under a horrible dictator, how to deal with terrorists seeking to destroy freedom, nuclear weapons, applying the example of France helping the Americans to win the Revolutionary War, and jobs created due to military engagements are all addressed.