Liberty Loving Mormons for Romney?

Greg Peterson, a close personal friend of the Romney family, discusses why liberty loving Latter-day Saints should support Mitt Romney for president.  Greg expounds upon the fundamental principles Mitt  will adhere to when making presidential decisions.  Jeremy and JC question Greg on Mitt’s stance on key issues including government health care, income taxes, abortion, immigration, undeclared wars, the American empire, social security and the Federal Reserve.

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  1. Aaron Abell says:

    WOW. I listened to this with my wife, who until married me had zero interest in politics. She remarked again and again how rude he was, and how insulting he insisted on being to Ron Paul supporters (who will receive our votes come 2012). Aside from being completely insulting to those who know the “gold standard” is a superior monetary system, he does not seem to grasp the very basics of genuine monetary theory. Regular readers and listeners of will know at least the basics already, but let me just point two things out to those who agreed with Gov. Romney’s friend concerning banking: Central banking is NOT the norm, nor is it moral. It allows member banks to inflate (read: defraud its customers) its money in concert, then petition the presiding government, like a pauper, for a bail-out once its greed has overreached its balance sheets (which it always does). And fiat money is just that: money that without the backing of edict wouldn’t be worth the paper on which it was printed. When they were first instituted, FRN’s were real notes, in that you could exchange them for real money. That’s what a note is: a promise to pay a certain sum of MONEY to a person, usually bearing a time and date or even an interest rate. Well, I don’t want my FRN’s. I want REAL money for my REAL goods and labour! Vote Ron Paul!

    • Ana says:

      It is an insult to our intelligence to tell us that Romney supports liberty. He doesn’t even know the constitution, same that his (and my) prophets and apostles have commanded us to defend (to defend we must understand it don’t we?). I completely agree with your observations and just wish people do the research necessary to not be deceived.

    • Linda says:

      Wow … and now look, Greg has been arrested and charged with 23 felonies, including raping 4 women, and kidnapping! Those Romney’s sure have some amazing friends!

  2. Brad says:

    I agree with Aaron in that this insider is was extremely pretentious. I loved the part where he interrupts JC, accuses him of not doing his homework, and then proceeds to assume many false beliefs about the LDS liberty crowd and it’s hosts, making it obvious who would have benefited the most with a little research.
    The first and foremost impression I received of Governor Romney after this interview was that he is even more unreliable than I had previously assumed. My wife and I were stunned by the guests indifference to how Governor Romney somehow separates his personal and religious views with his public ones. The guest then brought up “group think” as a defense, which is another way of referring to peer pressure. If you have a long time, intelligent, Romney friend and associate that defends Romney’s politics by attempting to separate the man from the public statements, then you know there there is a very serious problem.
    The number of objections that I have with the guest’s views are too many to list here, but I’d like to address just two.
    The first one was an analogy about abortion. He stated that the governor’s legislative and public position on abortion was at odds with his personal beliefs and likened this to the lawful consumption of alcohol, something we all think of as abhorrent, but we tolerate. This analogy is wrong on many levels. First, does he really mean to compare allowing adults the responsibility of determining what they put into their own bodies with the murdering of human babies? If so, why would you compare such a liberty supporting position on alcohol to the liberty opposing destruction defenseless human life? I believe this underscores the governor’s reluctance to state anything publicly unless it is politically expedient to do so. Finally, who believes drinking alcohol is abhorrent? Not I.
    My second choice comes from a figurative statement made regarding illegal immigration. The guest stated that where an immigrant is able to complete a college degree, Governor Romney wants to staple a green card their diploma. I’m not even sure how this would happen, but this seems to be nothing less than an elitist’s approach to fix a problem that he doesn’t begin to comprehend. It is also an assault on the value of human life, insinuating that we (as a nation) have no use for you or that you have nothing to offer unless you have a college degree. I believe that we should be less concerned with the immigrant can do for us and more conscious about what true liberty can do for the immigrant and everyone else.
    I’ll finish by stating that I had a bit of an epiphany while listening to this interview. As the guest suggested that Romney can’t state what he would really like to do (regarding social security), because it would be “political suicide” it occurred to me that this is the reason that people feel Ron Paul is unelectable. It’s because he actually says what he believes and is a man of principle before the politician. These two attributes seem to be reversed in Romney’s case.

  3. Daniel Lambson says:

    To all listeners of LDS Liberty and readers of this post.

    I don’t care what candidates say in their campaign. Do some research and look at the track record of those that you would consider. We are going to pay the consequences of our lack of willingness toto put in our Due diligence.

    I believe that Greg Peterson is overstepping his bounds and authority by coming out and saying that he knows how he will act and what he will do when his track record so far is far from the Statesman that we need as President.

    I don’t say that Romney is not a good man, but there is at least one man that has a better track record and is I believe that Ron Paul is at least as good if not posibly a better man than Mitt Romney. Just look at his track record as far as what he voted and stood for that is in line with the Constitution.

    The most important thing for any Elected official is to LIMIT GOVERNMENT (now reduce government)

    I vehemently disagree with Mr. Peterson’s concept we need to be practical, does he possibly mean politicly correct? Our elected officials should focus on one thing only. That is to uphold the Constitution and thus preserve individual rights and not infringe on any of them in any way.

  4. Interesting how the first two responses to a podcast entitled “Mormons for Romney?” blast Mr. Peterson for being rude and insulting. I did not hear that. I think there are many things to like in both Paul and Romney and I don’t understand the idea that if you like one you must hate the others. I understand the idea of not compromising on principle. The Primary race is the perfect place to campaign hard for your candidate and point out differences. But I’ve heard over and over from Paul supporters on all of my favorite sites.. “if not Paul, then none at all” and to me that sounds like an abusive husband (if I can’t have her then no one will!) Are you saying that Romney is the same as Obama?

    The other thing that gets to me is that Ron Paul was saying these things long before anyone else. So now if anyone other than him tries to talk about it we are called “johnny come lately.” This is contrary to the parable of the Prodigal Son. For example I was awakened by Glenn Beck a couple years ago. Does this mean I’m a sell out? I’m in a frenzy now to wake my friends and family up (and they think I’m nuts) but shouldn’t we allow people to change and grow without pointing out that they weren’t “first”?

    • Aaron Abell says:

      Rachel, it isn’t about whether-or-not certain politicians merely talk about the same points as statesman Ron Paul, but why. If you look closely at each candidate, you will quickly see their message, while seeming to more closely align with Dr. Paul’s, is nothing more than a thin, shoddy veneer over their true, ugly Statist cores. Let’s go briefly down the list:
      – Romney voted for the individual mandate in his state, thereby taking away the precious agency of his constituents (I will insure all, and not one will be without it. Surely I will do it). No vote in my book.
      – Santorum is almost frothing at the mouth to attack Iran, while intent on keeping all military activity level in almost every other area. Favours hegemony and empire. No voe in my book.
      – Perry not too long ago signed into law the proposal to vaccinate 12 year-old girls against an STD on the off-chance they would later contract. He was of course paid “consulting” fees by Big Pharma in connection with this. No vote in my book.
      – Bachmann (now out of the race, thank goodness) was a LITIGATOR for the IRS, setting herself against American citizens in court on behalf of the State. And then has the temerity to talk about individual rights. No vote in my book.

      No, only Ron Paul is really the best choice. And when the Gen. Authorities counsel the members to pray then vote with our consciences, do you really think that means they are telling people to vote for the more electable “lesser evil”? No! The purpose is to vote for the most righteous candidate, then stand blameless before all other men (even if “your” person didn’t win) because you did the right thing. :)

      • Jon says:

        And here’s the scripture (one of many) Aaron is referring to:

        “Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn. Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil. And I give unto you a commandment, that ye shall forsake all evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.”

  5. Harrison Scoville says:

    I gotta agree with the above comments. I also am shocked that many mormons, including my own family are voting for Mitt Romney and one of their reasons is that he’s mormon. Religion shouldn’t dictate who you vote for, policies and reputation should! I’ll agree that mitt has lots of experience in the private and public sectors, which i think is essesntial, but Ron Paul stands up for the Constitution, which LDS people know was written by the hand of God through divinely chosen Founding Fathers.

  6. Reed Palmer says:

    Mitt Romney would be OWNED by the same powers that OWN Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, etc…Fractional reserve central banking, military/industrial complex, Big Pharma, Big Education, Welfare state, Nanny State. This would make any promise he makes during his campaign null and void if the powers that be don’t agree. Ron Paul has the track record of consistency, political humility, strict constitutionalism, common sense, etc. My vote for him, even if he loses(this seems less likely by the day), will NOT be a wasted vote. After wasting my vote on McCain in 2008(I’m from Arizona and knew that he would be no different from Obama, but that Obama was open about what he would do and that was more dangerous), I had to change, I am more informed, more concerned, more secure in my views on important issues, and this has led me to support Ron Paul. This guy was a wordsmith that is just as expert as Romney or Gingrich at talking out of both sides of his mouth. I am SO glad I can see this from a mile away, I can see the circular logic that totally takes all credibility from what this guy said. Romney’s a great guy, he’s getting picked on, he will do things as president that he has neither said nor is there any record of him actually doing them, so vote for him cus he is a pretty-boy and Ron Paul is not. This country is looking for a pretty-boy chameleon, so get in line.

  7. Jon says:

    I haven’t listened yet (as my charger for my mp3 player is MIA). After listening to Romney on foreign policy I would be very afraid if he ever became president. His views are in direct contradiction with what the Savior warned us about in 3 Ne 16:10. It is not our place to lift ourselves up above other nations and tell them what to do.

    Mormon warned us. The previous podcast on LDS Liberty spoke of it. For no other reasons than that Romney is not for peace and believes it is his position to micro manage our lives and the lives of those around the globe is enough for me to never vote for him.

  8. Danny Shannon says:

    Oh my…. This guy is… let’s say extremely UN-Christlike. If he picked up any of Romney’s personality traits then that’s more the reason not to vote for him.
    Having the government protect us from ourselves is exactly satan’s plan from the pre-existence. And quite honestly this persons arguments are somewhat I’m sure Satan tried by attacking the person directly (Ron Paul), and be littleing his positions. Instead of using reason and logic to dismiss Paul’s constitutional views he did what the media does, “oh he’s unelectable, those are pipe dreams” then gets offended when the hosts asks controversial questions about Romney. Just from the guys character, an intune member of the church could deduce his lack of the spirit due to not reading scriptures daily or going to the temple, or praying for that matter. From a Mormon from Texas, Ron Paul 2012.

  9. You’re right Danny. I’m following Satan if I vote for Mitt Romney. You’ve illustrated my point perfectly. Have a nice day.

    • Danny says:

      Wow and you completely missed my point completely. I said nothing of the matter. Voting for Romney is a vote for Satan is 100% wrong. I was making the point that having any authority figure, other than your parents when your a child, dictating what you can and can’t do with your time and life is what Satan was pushing for “back in the day. ” Forcing us to keep the commandments sounds good and all if you jut look at the fact that your not breaking the rules but look over big issue of not getting to choose the right. I would suggest look more into others words that would have more influence Over your life then some fellow Texan who sees a bigger picture and is quite irrelevant ex. Romney’s and Ron Paul’s words vs. mine.
      You should while your reading between the lines Romney says just to get elected, look up the fact that NDAA senate bill 1867 got sign a few days ago. Thats what matters, not trying to prove some rediculus and wrong point about Ron Paul supporters.

      • Danny,
        I may have been too strongly worded in my previous comments. But I am just tired of getting beat up all day, every day from Paul supporters who say the most hateful, arrogant, and angry things I have ever heard. I too was looking seriously into Ron Paul(voting record, writings, internet vids) and to this day like many of his ideas. But here are a few thoughts I’ve considered as I go forward trying not to be deceived… take it for what it’s worth.

        “By their fruits ye shall know them” – What are the fruits of Ron Paul thus far? It still amazes me that I live surrounded by a ton of people who love what Mormons do but think we are of the devil. A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

        “Stay within the mainstream of the church, avoid the fringes” – I cannot remember which prophet said this (so maybe disqualify it) but he said the main body of the church will never go astray.

        The living prophet is more important than dead prophets. A lesson I learned from prop 8 (i’m orig from Cali) is when something is important enough to His plans & direction(wars & death I think qualify), the prophet will alert us. We were called upon to walk neighborhoods, give $, & go out in force. A church spokesman said “we are to understand that Mormons can get things done.”

        My last thought.. If Paul won and immediately slashed budgets like he wants to do(and I would love) what would happen to all those people? Many would die. Many innocent children. Are we prepared right now to stand before the judgement bar of God and say we are doing ALL we could as an individual to wake our families up and help our neighbors? Or are we like the angels begging the Lord to come down and destroy the tares of the earth before the wheat is sufficiently gathered?

        Our Country is toast in the short term or long term, because we are wicked not because we are broke. Ron Paul would accelerate the hour of the unstability that is coming, whereas Romney or Santorum might give us a few more years to wake people up and get better prepared.

        I am constantly reevaluating my beliefs. Questioning myself in prayer & scripture. I still may be wrong. But at least I am still asking questions and open to receiving more light and knowledge. Sorry for the novel, hope this helps in some way.

        • Jon says:


          Don’t underestimate the power of love, freedom, and liberty. They may seem hard at first but when tried out the fruit is sweet and truly the people will prosper. When Christ taught the principle that we should love one another, we should take it seriously and follow it to its logical conclusion.

          Truly, “We need not choose between the ideal and the practical because they are simply two sides of the same coin.”

          • Rachel says:

            Jon, I understand what you are saying and I thank you for your measured response. The only thing I will add is that the fruit of Ron Paul (of which I was referring) are the majority of his followers. They advocate for an end to war by shouting “raca” to anyone that disagrees with them. I am sorry for Ron Paul, because of them, if he is truly the candidate the Lord would have us support.

          • Jon says:


            “They advocate for an end to war by shouting “raca” to anyone that disagrees with them.”

            I don’t know if my hands are that clean, it can be difficult to express ones thoughts in a tactful way. When you look at any group you can find zealous people like you describe, especially in politics. There are republicans who talk of the poor like they are worthless (LDS republicans I might add). Their are democrats that convey entrepreneurs as evil.

            Look at Bush, democrats looked at him like the devil. Now look at Obama, the republicans do the same thing to him. It’s interesting because all the major policies of both presidencies are virtually identical. But people are caught up in the blue team vs the red team mentality that they refuse to look at the principles of the matter.

            It is because of these principles that I cannot vote for Romney because he has shown himself to not believe in the principles of the constitution. When I see and hear evidence from Romney that he has truly changed, then I would reconsider.

            How do I come about these beliefs that Romney isn’t for God’s law? When asked about invading Iran he says he would consult his lawyers, not if it was constitutional or not, not if he would consult congress. He is pro federal reserve, an anti-american institution that puts our money in the hands of a fascist (by fascist I mean the merging of the corporate and the state) group of individuals. He doesn’t believe in the sovereignty of the individual as evidence by Romney-care. Read 3 Ne 16:10 and then listen to him talk on how we should tell and force other nations how they should act and govern themselves.

            My religion forbids I vote for such a man:

            “Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn. Wherefore, honest men and wise men should be sought for diligently, and good men and wise men ye should observe to uphold; otherwise whatsoever is less than these cometh of evil. And I give unto you a commandment, that ye shall forsake all evil and cleave unto all good, that ye shall live by every word which proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.”

        • Dan says:

          You said it all in your fifth paragraph. Standing before God being judged (as individuals) if we are doing All WE can do as Individuals. The US government is an individual therefore as a whole can’t be judge by God. But those that make up the government will be as you said judge by all they do. And I think your focusing on charity here? How can you say it’s charity for the government to force you to pay taxes or be punished just so they can give billions of our “charitable” money to leaders of other countries, not the starving individuals that could use it, and then the leaders by armies and weapons and walls around there borders. You can’t force charity. You can try just as Satan tried but we all know that story. But individual groups such as the church, red cross, peace core do the job they are supposed to do. The job the government should never do. The welfare state took away people’s agency to be charitable.

        • James says:

          Rachel I know exactly what your talking about as far as Ron Paul supporters go. Ron Paul’s message is very very alluring to me because of the ultimate trust it puts in Liberty and paring government down to the bounds the God Inspired Founding Fathers setup in the US Constitution. I currently am supporting RP over the other candidates BUT I will leave myself open to greater light and knowledge.

          The thing that makes me question myself about RP is that a not so small and very vocal percentage of his supporters are contentious, hateful, discourteous, obnoxious, foul mouthed, borderline violent and VERY arrogant. These fruits very much do cause me to stumble. I’m too short on time to find the exact scripture but… oh fine here is one –

          ALMA 4:10 … and the wickedness of the church was a great stumbling-block to those who did not belong to the church; and thus the church began to fail in its progress.

          So based on this scripture the true church(No I am not equating RP to a church -cmon) can appear to have bad fruit. Maybe I have that wrong, I am royally imperfect for sure. But I am sure we can say that the wicked members were not living the message even if they were in the church.

          I think Ron Pauls message is attractive to the righteous as well as the not so righteous crowd because it protects everyone’s Liberty without trying to control the outcomes. For this reason, I think Ron Paul supporters will contain “everyone” because I think that is what the constitution was originally intended for. To protect everyone’s liberties(and accountabilities) so that the cause and effect of their choices would be readily manifest for all too behold and discern the fruit of those individual choices. This is why the principled Constitutionalist or the Prophet would perhaps support RP’s approach to government and the loser pot smoking takers from the dregs of society will also support him. It makes for a soupy mix that can only be pierced by reviewing and evaluating the actual message as opposed to the messengers. There are good people supporting RP that don’t talk down to you that eventually got me to listen a little more and start to investigate the message directly. But I will concede that the vocal part of his supporters are both a strength and a weakness. Like all the youth who support him. I have talked to many of them and find that it really boils down to RP will legalize put and prostitution for many of them. Who can blame them as kids at the maturity level that they are at. The responsibility part of the message is not as loudly touted or even paid attention to by this crowd. But I also can’t let their shallowness hide the wisdom of the Liberty approach either. so I have to rub elbows with some miscreants to protect my freedoms’ sigh, oh well.
          I know RP fans will cringe at me saying that but I want to find the truth, period. I don’t care who’s offended by the truth but I can certainly try to deliver that truth with love. I think that makes all the difference.
          Also RP has said he would not totally rip the safety net out in one fell swoop because it would not be compassionate. He said generations have been nursed on these programs and are completely dependent and otherwise unable to care for themselves. But he would stop their growth and begin to lower the help they offer slowly so that people will make gradual transitions to more self sufficient means for their support such as civil and religious organizations which would push these folks to work. Families we begin to reconstitute themselves for their survival and make better decisions since the outcomes of those decisions would become more readily apparent. I guess I could go on forever but I hope that helps you a bit. I understand the internal struggle you may feel there. But we should not use the government to make people be righteous anymore than Satan could have offered to make us all return safely. We are each accountable for our own choices. Liberty is the key and we need to stand valiantly for it now, as we did in our first estate.

          • rachel says:


            I want to thank you for taking the time to address me and my “internal struggle” :) (one by one, right!)

            I have been listening to you guys for awhile and agree with most everything you believe. Just have so many more questions/ideas though. I wish I could talk in person to groups like us to challenge and feel the spirit of what we are saying. Harder to do online.

            I know the Lord is in this election. There are many valiant still fighting. I will keep my mind open and continue to watch you here at LDS liberty. Whether Romney, Paul, or Obama win I know the Lord will use it for His end. The gospel is true, Yay!!

          • Donna Clifton says:

            James and Rachel,

            I have been reading your comments back and forth to each other. Rachel, I too have recently experienced almost exactly, what you have. I was set on voting for Romney, and then I thought I had better take a closer look at Ron Paul and Santorum. When I tried to discuss such hard words/harsh judgement of RP supporters calling Romney evil, I was set back with how they talked down to me, all while being a member of our church. They even told me “I was evil if I voted for Romney. I read my scriptures, and seek to follow the Spirit; I am a temple worker, and always, always try to treat other kindly and with respect. I know that the Lord loves all his children and blesses us for trying to make correct choices. Whenever I visit with anyone, I sincerely try to see both sides of an argument as I search for truth. Truly, we can only be a light to the world as we treat others as our Savior would. Thank you for your Christlike communication with each other.

            I hope other Ron Paul followers realize they can only pull others to them by standing on “higher ground”.


          • Jon says:


            You’ll probably see my quote that talks about evil and not voting for it. Just for the record I am not calling Romney evil, just some of his ideas differ from how I understand the scriptures and so I cannot vote for him because his ideas aren’t in accordance with freedom and liberty.

            I think we are all on a journey to become better and understand the world and the scriptures. I just don’t think Romney understands what freedom and liberty truly are. He can be really good in other aspects of his life, just not in his political views.

        • Amber says:

          “My last thought.. If Paul won and immediately slashed budgets like he wants to do(and I would love) what would happen to all those people? Many would die. Many innocent children.”

          Ron Paul has stated that he would not abandon dependant people, like the elderly from Social Security and such. Yes, he’d slash spending, but he’ll continue to help those who are truly unable to help themselves further by reallocating resources. For example, money that would be wasted overseas, he’d use to support Social Security, all while allowing young adults the option to opt out of SS.

          I have studied Ron Paul’s character. He is not heartless. He is a genuinely compassionate man, who will find ways to ease people into true independence and personal agency through following the rule of law.

          You mentioned his “fruits.” The most visibly rude followers get the attention, but I don’t see anyone burning cars in Ron Paul’s name. Thanks to Ron Paul’s message, many more people are aware of the secret combinations happening today, are aware of the fraud of the Federal Reserve, are studying the Founding Fathers, and are realizing that true freedom is indeed a gift from God. I see much more good in what he had inspired than evil. At worst, the rude followers are byproducts of todays’ culture.

          Ron Paul’s words had converted people. Women who were staunch pro-choice advocates had a change of heart after hearing Ron Paul’s persuasions. It is the same for those who were pro-war: they heard him, and their hearts were softened. People who grew up in a debt-dependant culture are now doubting the need of the endless bailouts, and of the Fed. I take that as a sign that they want to be more fiscally responsible themselves.

        • Riles says:

          “If Paul won and immediately slashed budgets like he wants to do (and I would love) what would happen to all those people? Many would die. Many innocent children.”

          Rachel, the assumption you make here is that liberty, rather than making people more prosperous, would lead to death and chaos. I think most people who claim to have been awakened to liberty (as you said earlier) have a much more favorable opinion of what a free people are capable of and the conditions in a free society that would inure to the greatest possible happiness, and it doesn’t involve letting infants starve to death. That’s a terrible caricature of a free society, especially coming from someone who claims to desire such a reality. Having said that, while Ron Paul in the long run favors ending all non-consitutionally authorized government programs (keeping his oath of office to defend and uphold the Constiution), he has also said he will phase them out gradually so as to ween a people accustomed to the dole away from their slavish reliance upon the grace of the state. In other words, he would slowly replace what has become the false God of our society (government) with a system of Natural Law which acknowledges that all “rights” (properly understood) devolve from our creator. Please rethink through your position employing a bit more logic.

  10. PS also a Mormon from Texas.

  11. Jon says:

    Peterson portrays Romney very differently than his public statements and actions. I think Romney’s place is better left in the business world. Government is for the protection of individual rights (as mentioned in the AZ constitution and in the scriptures), Romney care is antithetical to individual rights, it’s not about politics it is about what is right and what is wrong. Political expediency is not a good defense for not having to have done something, like Romney care.

    As for the gold standard being off kilter and Ron Paul supporters not understanding money. I say we should let the free market decide what is best, but instead we use the aggression of the government to tell us what is best, it is antithetical to freedom to have either system forced upon us.

    I would take the gold standard any day over the Fed, which takes money from the poor and gives it back to the rich. Luckily the poor in India have figured this out and have started using the Dinar and found that their wealth isn’t disappearing anymore.

  12. Daniel Swann says:

    Gotta give it to the Paul people they’re every where one turns. Too bad for Paul that so many of them are so offensive in their adulation that they will probably turn off more supporters than they will attract. I know that kind of blind and avid “support” certainly has caused me to reconsider supporting for him — except, of course, if he is chosen to carry the republican banner against Obama.

    • Kris says:

      Exactly, Daniel. They’re an incredibly abrasive bunch and have done more damage for his cause than even his own crazy statements. I’m thorough enough to have looked into his record regardless, but that was despite the impression they left. For the first time last week, I met an open Ron Paul supporter who was also kind to me. Funny thing, I got him thinking so hard about the true definitions of liberty that he may actually be re-evaluating the stance.

    • Dan says:

      Not all Paul supporters strive to be Christlike. It’s unfortunate but that’s one reason we have missionaries. :)

    • Donna Clifton says:

      I agree!

  13. Wilson says:

    In my opinion we are dealing with the wolves in sheep’s clothing that President Clark and President Benson were referring to below.

    “At the April 1949 general conference, President J. Reuben Clark Jr., then first counselor in the First Presidency, said: “The ravening wolves are amongst us, from our own membership, and they, more than any others, are clothed in sheep’s clothing because they wear the habiliments of the priesthood; … We should be careful of them …” (The Improvement Era, May 1949, p. 268.)

    Twenty years later, President Ezra Taft Benson said, “The wolves amongst our flock are more numerous and devious today than when President Clark made this statement.” (April 1969 general conference, Ensign, May 1969, p. 11.)”

    Also under no circumstances are we as saints supposed to rationalize away our agency in anyway. listening to this brother sounded like he was trying to justify voting for the devils right hand man.

    One last thing and I know most people here already understand this but our constitutional protected rights are for all:

    D&C 98:5
    And that law of the land which is constitutional, supporting that principle of freedom in maintaining rights and privileges, belongs to all MANKIND, and is justifiable before me.

    Lastly his derogatory remarks about Ron Paul just show that they are scared.

  14. CTS says:

    Good scripture quote. I don’t think it is Romney, but Harry Reed is a dead ringer. Great interview, the guy is pretty arrogant, but I thought it was a great interview. I am a Ron Paul supporter and I would say that to the LDS community, the US Constitution is perhaps the 11th commandment and that is why we don’t get it when LDS politicians don’t honor it in the same light. This is where Mitt falls short. What can he do? He needs a VP, Rand is a good choice. Personally, I hope Ron will run for Gov of Texas if his presidential bid does not pan out. In fact, he might have more 10th ammendment influence as Gov of a key border and NAFTA state.

  15. Mike says:

    Romney supporters are everywhere too. And they really have expressed major vitriol towards Ron Paul supporters. I wonder if they care about alienating RP people. They seem arrogant, they seem prejudiced – they insist that RP is unelectable and a crazy kook. They call him dangerous.

    I call him correct. WAY more correct than Romney is. But I may have been paying attention the last four years, studying the 5000 Year Leap, The Making of America, watching The Money Masters and The Creature from Jekyll Island on YouTube, and so Paul seems a natural fit, and I am very enthusiastic to see correct principles prevail, as Joseph Smith said, we teach correct principles and the people govern themselves. I apologize if this comes off as offensive, but Mitt’s obliviousness to individual liberty concerns, and naivete with regard to the Federal Reserve, are a no starter for me personally. I am one who feels that throwing away my vote even if the candidate is popular and is “electable” is no longer an option. I did that when voting for George Bush was a huge expander of government encroachment, prepping the way in large measure for Obama. Right and left both keep pushing toward the same government creep. I won’t vote for that.

  16. Johnny Hardy says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. Now I am much more prone to vote for Romney if he wins the Republican nomination. This, of course, is assuming his actual positions will reflect what was shared on the podcast–so I’ll still have to see what he actually says he supports in the coming debates.

    I refused to vote for McCain because he was moving the wrong direction (not as fast as Obama, but still the wrong direction at a slower speed). To those of you who voted for him (on the grounds of lesser of two evils), imagine what would be going on now if he won. He would be the republican candidate, and then we’d have even a bigger socialist as the other candidate for the democrats–so two bad choices two elections in a row!

    However, it seems like Romney is moving at least 75% the right direction. Shutting down unconstitutional federal departments over socialized programs, such as education, social security, healthcare, etc., and turning it over to the states is a step in the right direction, as is bringing home troops from oversea bases.

    For the primary, I support Paul because I think he is 95% the right direction, but if Romney gets the nomination, I think I’d vote for him.

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  18. Brian W. says:

    I have to say I was pretty taken aback by Greg’s total lack of tact and aggresively insulting demeanor. While I choose not to take offense by his insults to anyone with libertarian ideals(for example, they’re all ignorant bafoons who caress their gold bars all night), it makes it hard to take his message regarding Romney seriously when the message is delivered in such an unprofessional and insulting manner. (I commend Jeremy and JC for not getting into philosophical debates with Greg, the forum was meant to transfer knowledge regarding Romney’s positions not to debate the validity of them). Personally if I hadn’t been so interested in finding out about Romney’s views, I would have quit listening, as I don’t appreciate listening to people as rude, insulting and contentious as Greg was.

    I was also disappointed by Greg’s lack of difinitive stands on particular key issues. I felt he had alot of ‘I belive he would’ statement rather than his actual positions. It’s hard for me to accept Romney’s positions when they are stated as ‘I believe he would…’ rather than ‘his stand is…’

    I do feel I did gain a greater appreciation for Romney as a candidate some, I’m less against him as I would be, however I believe a great opportunity was wasted by a lack of clarity and a concerted effort to label anyone libertarian as ignorant, misunderstanding and lacking in intellegence.

    I guess my current feeling is that I feel more comfortable with the proposition of Romney as president than I did before. Granted he’s not my first choice, but if he’s elected, I won’t dispair as greatly as I may have before listening to this interview.

    As far as his views go:
    Personally I would say having studied some about fractional reserve banking and central banking, that if he things the ‘growth in GDP’ would limited to gold production, then I don’t think HE understands how the federal reserve system works and the inherent dangers of fiat currency and fractional reserve banking.

    I would also disagree that voting libertarian means that everything has to happen all at once. President Benson said it well, you don’t turn the plane off midflight, you start making adjustments gradually turning it back around. Some of them are not as gradual, but you make incremental steps. This is one place I think that the libertarian cause is underserved is in demonstrating an incrmental plan that would calm peoples nervous about the changes coming down the pike.

  19. Joy Metcalf says:

    Unlike some other Ron Paul fans, for the most part I didn’t find the speaker arrogant and demeaning. I found what he said hopeful, but was he talking with Mitt Romney’s knowledge and approval? And if Mitt doesn’t want anyone wanting to know his REAL agenda (more libertarian than he appears), then why would he let Greg come on and reveal his true intentions?

    He says that Mitt Romney has a unique perspective because he was a governor. Well, so was Clinton, and he wasn’t for state’s rights.

    Regardless, Romney is more interested in being elected than in being upfront honest. That bothers me. And his views toward central banks and the Fed are so far from the Constitution that it shows he doesn’t agree with the founding father. His apologist, Greg, never addressed Ron Paul’s plan for an alternative currency. He needs to watch this. He just went on and on about an overnight replacement to the gold standard.
    Okay, on this subject he was rather condescending. He’s a financial planner with strong roots in the Keynesian system, and as such, he loves fractional banking. For him to think most Paulians are financially ignorant, just shows how far from reality he is. Apparently he thinks Hayek and Von Mises were ignorant as well.

  20. Pepper says:

    I appreciated the interview. One thing that kept jumping out at me is how Greg kept saying that Romney would do things, implement policy, etc that he is not talking about now because it would be suicide. To me, this is dishonest. I want to know where a Candidate stands on issues and what their intentions are, I dont want to guess at it. Telling people what they want to hear when its convenient is not honesty. I do not care if he was a Stake President or not, that does not qualify him to be POTUS. When a Candidate blatantly tells you that they would have signed the NDAA Bill into Law, that clearly tells me he is not qualified.

    As far at the statements about most of Ron Paul supporters being rude, arrogant etc…I find shocking. I have been ruthlessly attacked by Rommey supporters in their name calling and accusations. What I have noticed is that they will bring up an issue, if they are challenged on its validity (ie Foreign wars and aide) and they cannot support their position, they immediatly turn on you and on Ron Paul. No matter how you ignore the name calling and try to get back to the issue, they accuse you of being kook like RP. In our Primary’s a couple of weeks ago, a man who is running for office was trying to get my signature for his petition. I asked him who he voted for and his reply was that him being LDS, voted for Romney because he was a former Stake President. (Huh?) I told him, I also was LDS and voted for Ron Paul because he supported the Constitution. He then said in a sarcastic condemning tone, “are you an active (emphasis on active) member of the church?” WOW, really?

    I have been around the best people in the world at Ron Paul rally’s. Respectful, full of enthusiams for liberty and very knowledgeable. The bottom line is that there are people in every camp that do not know how to handle themselves and Romney people are no different. I have seen/heard Romney be disrespectful to people, so I think we need to be very careful when applying labels.

  21. Pepper says:

    Oh, one last thing that really disturbed me about Greg’s presentation and that was his mocking the way that Ron Paul speaks. In the earlier days Ron Paul could debate and hold is own. In interviews where is constantly edited with so many that will ask a question but interrupt him before he is even able to answer the questions (wouldn’t that frustrate you?) he has to pick and choose what he has to say.

    Greg really showed his true colors when he said that he would like to take Ron Paul and put him in Romney’s body…in other words he actually does agree with Ron Paul but eloquence and looks are more important than the message.

    How many Prophets struggled with being able to deliver the message with eloquence? Moses, was given Aaron for this very reason. Is the message any less true because its deliverance doesn’t tickle the ears? I wish that people could get past needing eloquence and be more worried about the message.

  22. I feel the need to speak again and tell everyone on this forum that I was wrong. DEAD WRONG. Mitt Romney is NOT the way to go and really our only choice in this election is Ron Paul if you believe in liberty. I apologize to any I may have led astray and for not seeing the truth sooner. I am a skeptic and it takes me a long time to make a decision. However, I am happy that I kept researching and kept my mind and heart open enough to recieve greater truth and knowledge when the time was right. These are the words I left on Latter-Day Saints for Ron Paul facebook page. Hope any that would listen to me would have a change of heart as well. To God and Liberty…rachel

    “Yes, we are fighting a spiritual war David that began long ago. We know the winner is God and the loser is satan but you and I are up for grabs. The reason it took me so long to become a Ron Paul supporter is that some of his followers don’t understand this “big picture” and fight using the same tactics the “left” does… name calling, foul language, etc. They deny that God has anything to do with liberty. But I have amazing friends who stuck with me (KatieSwanson) who patiently showed me Ron’s true character and message of liberty. It will come down to what it always does in the end… believers vs. non-believers and the line in the sand will be drawn. That’s when the majority of members who have one foot in the world and the other in the kingdom will wake up and come to the side of liberty, where we will welcome them with open arms. I’m already seeing this happen in my ward.
    This is much bigger than Ron Paul or Barack Obama and that’s why I’m so glad to have found the Independent American Party who will continue to fight even after this election. I too believe that Obama will get a 2nd term, but God is in charge and if He’s not afraid why should I be? Remember the pit will be filled by those who dug it. So I say to Obama, “bring it”……….. you poor foolish brother of mine:(“

    • Chelsea says:


      I’m glad you posted that. I think there are rude people everywhere, for each candidate. There is a bigger, eternal picture, and we do need to vote for who we believe will uphold the constitution.

    • erin says:

      hi rachel! i loved that last post. i also was a romney supporter who came to see things much more clearly after hours of research and asking questions of logical, respectful RP followers that i knew. i now understand! it is so wonderful to see things as they are. the truth sets us free.

      i hope that those of us who have gotten the message of liberty don’t lose our own message by being tyrranical with our words. we need to remember that liberty speaks for itself. we just need to share it with love and respect and those seeking to understand will come around. but lets’ not become a stumbling block and get in the way of our own message by forgetting it and losing our own love of liberty and reason. :)

  23. Derek Porter says:

    Man this guy completely lacked substance. I was honestly hoping for a fair challenge to my current paradigm, but none was offered whatsoever.

  24. Sean Bourke says:

    You mean the same Greg Peterson that was just arrested after being accused of raping multiple women at his cabin? Nice friends.

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