Honest Money with Tremain Petersen

Tremain Petersen, long-time fan of lds liberty and avid truth seeker teaches us about the moral and economic foundations of honest money. Tremain answers questions like: “How does real money arise in society?”, “How have scheming and wicked men used money as a means to rob all of us and cause us to rob from our neighbors?” and “What are the benefits of having honest money?”

You can read or listen to Tremain’s Article here. Right click and open a new tab/window or your podcast session on this page be interrupted.

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3 Responses to Honest Money with Tremain Petersen

  1. Ben says:

    This is great, Tremain. The topic can be complex and confusing. Clearly you understand it well.

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  3. Daniel says:

    I’m glad you guys got around toward the end that the theft occurs in the legal tender laws. It’s not theft to produce a currency and then produce more of that currency. It’s theft to point guns at people and force them to use it, and then devalue it. I was getting frustrated that this point wasn’t being brought up and I’m glad it eventually was. It reminds me of the Paul v. Paul debate with Ron and Krugman where Ron Paul says to Krugman – “you will go to jail if you use something else” and Krugman tells Ron Paul he can use gold if he wants. Let’s see Krugman pay his taxes in gold. How long until he ends up in jail?

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